Who doesn’t like 5 more minutes of sleep? Everyone enjoys snoozing the alarm again and again. But is it true that we are snoozing and losing? Let’s find out and give you a helpful guideline on how to become a morning person.

It’s not easy being a night owl. Well like it or not, most of our world operates on an early bird’s ridiculously-eager schedule. Because our society tends to reward the people with prompt attendances!

What is a Chronotype?

Your natural tendency to be more of a morning person or night person is sometimes called your chronotype. Unfortunately, we can’t pick our chronotypes. Whether you are eager to get up at dawn or you peak in the wee small hours is highly dependent on your genetics as well. But it is possible to change your sleeping and waking cycles.

How to become a morning person?

You can change your routine by altering your sleep and wake cycles and help to trick yourself to become a morning person.

1. Gradually change your bedtime for becoming a morning person

A goodnight’s sleep is important! Doctors and sleep experts recommend that you shift your sleep time 20 minutes earlier every night, for a week. This will help you in your sleep cycle. So you will eventually have some energy to spare in the morning before the alarm goes off. You will be up by then.

2. Let the light in

Whether it’s natural or artificial, let the light in! It is significant because it tells the brain that the day has begun and it shuts the process of making melatonin in your body.

3. Eat more protein

Protein instigates dopamine levels, and dopamine regulates motivation. Having heavy proteins in the morning causing individuals to initiate and persevere.

4. Move your alarm clock

Hitting snooze is tempting, so remove that option! You can try putting your alarm clock across the room, so you have to get up to turn it off. When you eventually stand up, your body will wake up. But do not stand way too quickly and rush for it. Give it 15 to 30 seconds and then move.

5. Be consistent

Don’t be a slave to your schedule. You can have a party on a Friday night and that is OK! But try to be consistent with your sleep routine. Giving a new schedule to your body every day can mess up your cycle and make you even more lethargic in the morning!

You can adapt these healthy habits in your lifestyle and witness yourself spreading some good and active morning vibes!