People are weird! Sometimes a movie or series reviewers come up with bizarre and unexplainable fan theories that might be darker than expected. A dark and bizarre ‘Finding Nemo fan theory has left fans unsettled. If you’re ready to completely re-evaluate this Pixar classic, watch this TikTok below,


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Finding Nemo

The movie revolves around clown-fish called Marlin who gets separated from his son ‘Nemo’ in an ocean and goes on a journey to try and find him with the help of a forgetful fish called Dory. The 2003 film has the biggest fan-following, but this new theory has given a slightly darker edge to the children animated movie.

Disney Pixar Finding Nemo

Angela Freitag ruining Finding Nemo with her fan theory

Posting on TikTok, Angela Freitag, or @angelaafreitag, shared the theory which is ‘ruining childhoods.’

She explained: “Nemo doesn’t actually exist. Hear me out… so at the beginning of the movie, this barracuda kills the entire family, right? She continues, further, “When Marlin wakes up; he imagines that there is only one egg left. He names his only son Nemo; Nemo in Latin translates to ‘no-one’ or ‘nobody.’ It gets weirder. “So, Nemo doesn’t actually exist, the entire movie is about Marlin going through the five stages of grief.”

Disney Pixar Finding Nemo

Then, she lists the five stages of grief that explains Marlin’s behaviour in the whole movie.

“[Denial] He doesn’t want his son going to school because he doesn’t think it’s safe,” she says

“[Anger] He gets mad at Nemo when he does something that is out of his control.

“[Bargaining] He deals with a super-forgetful travel buddy to try and find his son.

“[Despair] Marlin then watches Nemo gets flushed down the drain.

“[Acceptance] and then by the end of the movie Marlin learns to let go and let Nemo do what he wants.”

Fans are shocked

Fans were in shock after her weird revelation. One user replied: “Girl stop, that’s my childhood.” Another said, “No – now I can’t watch this the same.” While a third added an even darker twist, posting: “I heard that barracudas don’t eat clownfish. So the mum ate the family.”

However, others were reluctant to accept it and said that Nemo has interacted with other characters throughout the movie, if he didn’t exist how did he do that?

Moreover, one asked: “Then how come the dentist and the other fish were talking to Nemo?”

While a second wrote: “But Nemo had friends when he went to school and when he was at the doctor’s office, so please explain – I’m not trying to be rude, I’m just asking.”

Disney Pixar Finding Nemo

Well, questions can be asked, but there might be a possibility that all of these were also a fragment of Marlin’s imagination throughout.

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