Aamir Liaquat divorced or not?

A month ago actor Haniya Khan had taken to social media alleging that she and Liaquat were married and according to some sources was pregnant too, something Aamir Liaquat denied completely. He said she had nothing to do with Haniya and Tuba is his one and only wife.

Whereas, Haniya Khan landed on Express News’s headquarters and started damaging property and abusing and swearing at Liaquat, terrorizing guards and asking him to come out and divorce her, which eventually maybe (happened) as Haniya posted a live video explaining the whole situation on her Facebook account.  

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The rumor is back!

However, the rumor is now back in action, claiming he has divorced his second wife, Tuba Aamir because of all the recent fuss. Some people are claiming that Liaquat is one divorce away from being Ross from the TV series Friends.

The dragged rumor

There is no such lead from where this rumor has started, but somewhere along last week the news started circulating that Liaquat is apparently living alone, and his wife Tuba has left her and they are divorced now due to what happened between Liaquat and Haniya Khan. Recently news also stirred that Aamir Liaquat due to his indecent behavior got fired from Express-News too.

Slamming the controversy with a meme

A news outlet of Twitter posted a fake news confirming that the TV host has confirmed that he is divorced because of his 3rd wife.

To which, in reply, Aamir Liaquat fumed in anger and said, “Who confirmed you [swears]!! will send you court notice.”

Moreover, Liaquat replied to the tweet with a reply and then posted a video captions as, “Kesa Diya? Jhootoun, makkaaroun, chilatar baazoun, khabroun se khailne walay dhongiyon, aagay aagay dekhte jayeiye, abhi shuru huey hain bounce back.” (How was that like, Huh? cheaters, scammers, fake yellow journalists, just watch me now, it has just gotten started I have bounced back).

The video shows Liaquat showing Tuba’s Instagram account that says, proud wife of him. Well, finally this clears up a controversy!