Can you think of one word that represents almost everything? For Pakistanis it’s definitely the word “ACCHA.” It’s not a word, it’s a feeling!

You are angry? Say firmly, “Accha!” You are sad say, “Chalou accha hai.” Want to throw sarcasm? drag your tone and add a prefix “Ohh, Acchaaaa.” See? A word to save us all. Pakistanis never fail to invent new words and not just words sometimes memes. So the whole idea of getting a Pakistani word introduced in Cambridge dictionary has become a source of excitement and fun!

PK also explained it well,

The word “Accha” – meaning okay, commonly used in Pakistan and India, just made it to the Cambridge Dictionary and Twitter has gone frenzy!

Remember to teach them Britishers how to use it and when to use it perfectly

Does someone mock you? Throw an “Accha” on their faces and don’t forget to make the famous “Ross Face.” And that’s not all, some people are showing excitement and sharing screenshots on their Twitter accounts.

Let’s hope we can get “hmm” added too now!