Ali Sethi x Nicolas Jaar collaborated again!

Something just resonates with your soul and Ali Sethi has an effect on people. This time Sethi uses Faiz’s poetry to pay tribute to Palestine. Chilean-American composer Nicolas Jaar and Ali Sethi collaborated once again to pay this magnificent tribute called Yakjehti Mein – ‘Hum Dekhen gey.’

Hum Dekhen Gey is a touching display of support for the oppressed people of Palestine, in light of Israel’s recent aggression against the people of the occupied land.


The tribute also includes a beautiful rendition of ‘Aaj Bazaar mein pa bajola chalou’ along with Hum Dekhen Gey. It is an unorthodox mix and blends of music. The song has a soft beat to it with an extensive repertoire of offbeat electronic music. The song ends from where it started and fades with Faiz’s lines,

Jab Arz-E-Khuda Ke Kabay Se
Sub But Uthwaaiy Jain Gay

Hum Ehl-E- Safa Mardood-E-Haram
Masnad Pe Bithaaiy Jain Gay

Sub Taaj Uchalay Jain Gay
Sub Takhat Giraaiy Jain Gay

One of the legacies of Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Written by Faiz in 1979, in challenge oppression, the words actually hit home. “Hum Dekhen Gey” was recited during President Zia’s military regime and afterward again at the march for the rights of women, against assaults and rape that spin out of control on highways and prowl just underneath the protected façades of our areas.

At the point when cruelty reached its pinnacle and the defenseless endure insufferable agony, the solitary break comes in having faith in God’s equity. Faiz’s words resonated through and through in the silences with these feelings and been rehashed once more.

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Ali Sethi is known for making different music with a more open approach, more liberal approach and is non-apologetic in many ways. His music makes trends not just in Pakistan but in neighboring countries too.

Way to go Sethi!