The troll culture new target – Alizeh Shah

Alizeh Shah got trolled. Our society never fails to astound people in different ways. Since celebrities are the easiest and most accessible target. People especially trolls think that it is their duty and responsibility to troll them off. A similar thing happened with Ehd-e-Wafa famed Alizeh Shah. She and Sahir Ali Bagga released their song with Shah being the debut artist who got bullied and slut-shamed for wearing a tank top. Yes, a tank top!

Clothes being the problem for Alizeh Shah

The track’s music video features her dancing in a tank top, crooning the Punjabi lyrics. But, as per the troll tradition runs, Twitter was not impressed. (As usual). And the troll-brigade came out. The song crossed one million views on YouTube shortly after its release. And currently being #2 on Music Trends YouTube. But the topic of discussion was neither her vocals nor her debut into music. The topic of discussion was her “clothes.”

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Alizeh Shah trolled
Alizeh Shah trolled

Twitter is frenzy

That is not all, Twitter is frenzy too. Soon after her song release on YouTube. Twitter troll brigade rushed to Twitter and slams different jokes on her.

Some even pointed out the irony that among all the current problems in Pakistan. Alizeh Khan became a Twitter trend,

This moral-brigade, called her appearance ‘offensive.’ And accused her of “crossing all boundaries of modesty.” After these series of tweets Alizeh Shah took to her Instagram and slammed back at the trolls and haters. She wrote

“I find all memes and criticism amusing. However, the fact that a trivial topic to discuss is now the most trending issue in our country instead of becoming a voice for Palestine. What’s wrong with our people?”

Women in Pakistan are perceived to be the guardians of culture by many. And celebrities take the burden of trolling the most. This needs to stop.