No PS5 for thanksgiving! Amazon users were rather shocked than surprised after receiving cat food and other stuff instead of their gaming consoles. The users have expressed concerns that their consoles were stolen, as demand for the PS5 is breaking records.

Amazon says they are “really sorry” following reports that customers who had pre-ordered the new PlayStation 5 instead received deliveries of cat food and a foot massager. Others reported to have received coffee maker instead.

“Similar thing happened to me except I receive a PlayStation 5 box but it was empty inside”, one user said, complaining that Amazon “have been no help won’t replace it or anything.”

“We’re all about making our customers happy, and that hasn’t happened for a small proportion of these orders. We’re really sorry about that and are investigating exactly what’s happened,” Amazon cleared.

“We’re reaching out to every customer who’s had a problem and made us aware so we can put it right. Anyone who has had an issue with any order can contact our customer services team for help.”

The PlayStation 5 has been in short supply due to no stock left in the inventory and elsewhere. Retailers including Currys PC World, Amazon, Game, and many others reported limited or no stock, with consoles selling out the moment they were available.