FaceTime feature for Android

The biggest rivals for decades are finally coming a little bit closer with the news that iPhone users will soon be able to FaceTime people on Android devices. Apple has revealed in Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2021 that the upcoming iOS 15 will finally allow you to call all your family and friends, whether they’re on an Apple, Android, or even Windows devices.

Up till now, the very famous technique for video calling has just been accessible on Apple’s gadgets, like iPhones and iPads, or Macbooks and Macs. However, you’ll have the option to add an Android buddy to a FaceTime session.


Apple’s yearly working framework redesign often carries a large number of highlights to get iPhone clients to their feet. The current year’s selection focused a concentration for new new privacy features, and also a new look, and new compatibility, to FaceTime.

This feature now has more of a Zoom feel to it. Not only can you chat with non-Apple users, but there’s also a new grid-style layout too.

How to use FaceTime in Android?

Another important thing to note that Android and Windows devices will not get an app of their own. This will only remain an exclusive feature. Apple users instead will invite their Android friends via a link. So if you have an Android phone you should expect a FaceTime invite from your friend.

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You can click on a link and then you will automatically direct to your browser and you can then start your session. You don’t need to download anything. Only an Apple device will be able to start a FaceTime session or share the link from the same Apple device. And in terms of privacy, your call will be end-to-end encrypted.