YouTube is an important medium Pakistan has. And many influencers and local people are earning from it. Famous Pakistani YouTuber Irfan Junejo has made quite a reputation among the YouTube gang since 2010. With over a million subscribers, he was being called to speak up on the Palestinian matter. Having a social backup and being canceled on speaking on the Kashmir matter in the past, Irfan Junejo spoke on the current Palestine matter.

Irfan Junejo broke his silence on Palestine matter

He started his conversation weighing on the issues of Kashmir. And then he talked about Palestine and the current atrocities of it from Israel. He said, “As a Youtuber, I am fond of cars, camera traveling and had a knack for bikes as well. But people have been calling me out for making a video on this matter plenty of times. Even though I have no prior knowledge of the issue besides what Wikipedia provides. It is all about access to the on-ground situation and creative freedom.” He quoted the example of Kartarpur. On which he did a video because he had access to it the reporters, activists, and the people. He said, “as a YouTuber, I made something out of it.”

Irfan Junejo also said, you cannot have a hold of information in a week of an issue that has been going on for decades. He quoted that, “I don’t think there would be any practical difference that will come off if I make videos on it. I still haven’t been able to figure that out.”

Emotional rant

Junejo further said that, “I can make a 16-minute-video which represents historical features and all over history of the apartheid and issue of Palestine. You might be able to learn more rather than me ranting emotionally on it. It doesn’t add anything to the conversation that just backed up by internet research and not facts and figures from people who live there and have ample research. The people who live there and amplifying their voices have more weight than me. Because I am not adding anything on it.”

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Junejo added that if we think practically it is right and if ‘you’ want to think emotionally. There can be a lot more videos that I can do on daily topics. Junejo also said that he would not be adding any substance to this whole context just emotions. if he did make a video, it would be no more than a ‘content opportunity.’

Irfan Junejo also said that “YouTube is not the right platform to raise awareness about these issues with emotional rants until you are an expert. We should amplify the voices of Palestinians.

He said that “I will not make a video on any global issue unless I have research on it or have on-ground access, experts opinions, etc. I have made a grave mistake of doing that in the past in Mashal Khan and TLP’s case and got death threats.”