Atif Aslam is all set for his acting debut in Sang-e-Mah

Singer and internationally recognized artist Atif Aslam is all set to make his TV acting debut in Saife Hasan’s Sang-e-Mah.

Actor Naumaan Ijaz who played Gulistan Khan in Sang-e-Marmar reveals that Atif Aslam will be sharing the screen space alongside the cast of Sang-e-Mah. Sang-e-Mah is the sequel to 2016’s Sang-e-Mar Mar, which starred Kubra Khan, Sania Saeed, Ijaz, and Mikaal Zulfiqar.

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Ijaz, the actor said he was in Islamabad, filming for Sang-e-Mah. You all loved Sang-e-Mar Mar and I’m sure you’ll love Sang-e-Mah too, he said. The actor then listed other cast members and said he was shooting with Atif Aslam, Zaviyar Ijaz, Sania Saeed, Samiya Mumtaz, Kubra Khan, and Hania Aamir.

He furthermore said, “Take care, live long, God bless all Pakistanis and God bless everyone.”


Sang-e-Marmar is a 2016 drama, revolves around a Pashtun family of Gulistan Khan and his family. Gulistan follows strict Pashtun traditions, such as avoiding western clothing, which is considered a threat to Pashtun traditional values. Gulistan’s youngest son Aurang was sent to Peshawar University and, unlike his elder siblings, possesses urban and literal views. His only emotional attachment is to his mother, who is the reason he often visits his village ‘Garhi Baran.’

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Atif Aslam hinting his acting ventures on BBC

In a recent interview with BBC, Atif Aslam revealed to Haroon Rashid that he is waiting for the right script. “People might be able to see me on TV delivering dialogue,” he teased. The singer has already made his film debut with Shoaib Mansoor’s BOL alongside Mahira Khan.

It was a rumor before and Aslam casually brushed off about his debut in the drama industry. However, now the fans are followers are excited to see him on the small screen.

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