Atif Aslam has been creating magical music for years, from his first song “Aadat,” the singer has been kicking mountains after mountains. Not just in Pakistan, but in India as well. The artist has a fair share of music and compositions in India as well. Be it ‘Pehli Nazar Mein’ or ‘Tu Jaanay Na.’ Aslam knows his music. And now he is back with another beautiful soulful rendition. And this time it’s a tribute to Noor Jehan.

Dil Jalane ki Baat

Dil Jalane ki Baat Karte Ho is written by Jawed Qureshi and first sung by Noor Jehan, her voice creates magic till now. The poetry is absolutely beautiful and the lyrics translate as,

Dil Jalane ki baat lyrics

Ashiyane ki baat karte ho,
dil jalane ki baat karte ho,
saari duniya ke ranj-o-gham de kar,
muskurane ki baat karte ho,
hum ko apni ḳhabar nahi yaaro,
tum zamane ki baat karte ho.

The heartfelt rendition by Atif Aslam

Only Atif Aslam could have done justice with the new-age music covers of Mallika Tarranum Sahiba. The poetry is absolutely gut-wrenching but Atif Aslam made it beautiful. His version of the song blends elements of South Asia Classical with a touch of modern acoustics and pianos. The song breaks down with soft crooning and heightens to the level of a great Qawaal, giving you an experience over experience!

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Atif Aslam is known to sing perfectly in falsetto. And that perfectly defines an artist with his vocal range and only he has the courage to match his trademark vocal technique to reach up to the levels of Noor Jehan.

The music video

The music video is all black and white opposite Raquel Valdez. The video shows Aslam playing a white gorgeous and whimsical piano while building up the musical pace of the song in a rather bushy and desolated land.

Atif Aslam is all set to release Rafta Rafta too that stars Sajal Aly. The duo was seen shooting their music video in Skardu. However, neither Atif nor Sajal announced or confirmed anything on social media.

Till then enjoy Dil Jalane Ki Baat and watch the music video here,

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