Lyari, which has been tormented by bad reputation and has consistently been related with negative exercises by the mainstream press, however, the truth of the matter is that there is considerably more to Lyari than all these. Lyari is the most energetic area in Karachi with its remarkable sub-culture. Today we are going to tell things about Lyari which you likely didn’t think about it and these will change your perception about this peaceful, lovely, and influential part of Pakistan’s megacity, Karachi.

Football in Lyari

Football is woven into the actual existence of Lyari. The adoration for football is profound to such an extent that you will discover almost every individual from every family connected with football at the locale, common or public level. Lyari, with in excess of 100 football clubs and 3 arenas is alluded to as ‘Mini Brazil.’ A portion of the well-known names related to football incorporates Abdul Ghafoor Majna (previous captain of Pakistan public football team), Hussain Jan (acclaimed and awarded player of Pakistan), and Abdullah Rahi (Footballer in Pakistan National Team).


With more than 26 boxing clubs running independently or by a group of previous fighters and boxers and Pakistan’s first young lady’s boxing club, it is regularly called the boxing hub of Pakistan. It was Lyari that gave Pakistan its public boxing champions, Jan Mohammad Baloch and Syed Hussain Shah. The most seasoned boxing club is the Lyari Labor Welfare Center Boxing Club, which was set up in 1940, preceding the creation of Pakistan, by Mohammad Sattoo. Mohammad Sattoo is called ‘Baba-e-Boxing’ as he was the first who established the foundation of boxing society here around 1918.

Ethnic Diversity of Lyari

Lyari is constantly known for its tranquility and peace and the shared regard that people have for various communities. With the Balochis comprising around half of its populace, it is regularly outlined as a Baloch zone. As a matter of fact, it is multi-ethnic and incorporates Memons, Mianwalis, Punjabis, Pashtuns, Sindhis, Kutchis (a Sindhi sub-bunch who relocated from the Kutch area of what is currently Indian Gujarat before Partition), and Urdu speakers. The inhabitants of this quiet town are pleased with its strict variety. A large number of Christians, Hindus, members from Zikri people group (an irregular Sunni faction beginning in Baluchistan). The individuals from all local areas and religions live calmly and amicably here.

Music Defying Everything!

Music has now been one of the most exciting elements, Lyari has added. Lyari has a long history of producing a wide array of musicians from rappers to classical musicians, If we talk about HIP-HOP, Lyari musicians are taking it to massive heights! We have seen many musicians coming forward especially rappers like Lyari Underground Rappers and Abid Brohi, but we now see another trio of singers who are all over social media due to their new music video under Braadari Broadcast, that is “Chakiwara” by the very talented Baluch Twins and Babar Ali.

Baluch Twins

Hailing from Lyari, together Asim and Adil make up the singing duo the Baluch twins. Music has always been a very important part of their lives; their father was a hobbyist musician who’d often play the harmonium while at home. From a very young age, he introduced them both to a wide spectrum of music. According to the brothers they were never confined to one specific genre they listened to everything from Beethoven and Chopin symphonies to classical Bengali music. One of Lyari’s most famous sons is Faiz Muhammad Baloch the guy who sang the famous Balochi celebratory anthem “Laila O Laila”. The boys lament at the fact that the neighborhood has so much talent but no particular cohesive network or system to bring it all together in one place, let alone space to practice or jam. Their breakout moment came in 2019 when they were featured on the 5th season of Nescafé Basement, a popular musical extravaganza that brings together new talent each year from across the country. Between themselves, they can play the keyboard and guitar, can sing in six languages namely: English, Urdu, Balochi, Punjabi, Bengali, and Persian, and are currently studying at university to become filmmakers. To say that these guys are creative geniuses would be a huge understatement.

On SAMAA FM, with RJ Sara Baloch, Baluch Twins, and Babar Ali shared how amazing the experience is with Braadari Broadcast Vol 2 and performed their own song ‘Chakiwara’ live (unplugged).

During the live session on Instagram and Facebook, they said we belong to Chakiwara and we are the representatives of that place. And we are proud to be a part of Lyari. The singer Babar Ali along with the twins said this is what our soul is. They added, “sath agar rahengey tabhi change ayega. This song is all about togetherness!”

To listen to their song Chakiwara unplugged version watch the video below

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