Bella Hadid marches for Palestine

The attacks on Palestine, apartheid and ethnic cleansing is not new in Palestine. This has been going on for decades now. The attacks of 2021 have become one of the most painful additions to the atrocities of the rightful owner and claimers of Palestine, the Palestinians Arabs! This time celebrities also stand in support for the innocent Palestinians who have nothing to retaliate against Zionists airstrikes from Israel who are bombarding their country. Palestinian-Dutch model Isabella Khair – Bella Hadid marched for Palestine in New York City on Saturday against the Israeli occupation and the airstrikes that have killed hundreds of people in her country of origin.

Supermodel Bella Hadid has been actively using her platform to raise her voice against the violent attacks on Palestine by Israel. The 24-year-old fashion icon turned to her social media and posted a tearful video about the bombs dropping on Gaza. She belonged to a Palestinian father Mohamed Hadid, a refugee from Palestine who later moved to America.

Sending out support for Palestine against Israel apartheid, terrorism and ethnic cleansing

In the now-deleted video, Hadid said while losing control of her emotions: “I feel a deep sense of pain for Palestine and for my Palestinian brothers and sisters today and every day. Watching these videos physically breaks my heart into 100 different pieces.” She further said, “You cannot allow yourself to be desensitized to watching human life being taken. You just can’t. Palestinian lives are the lives that will help change the world. And they are being taken from us by the second. #FreePalestine.”

This is not new for Bella to have attended a rally in support of Palestine. The model has also been active and vocal 4 years ago too. She shared an image and wrote, “I stand with my Palestinian brothers and sisters, I will protect and support you as best as I can. I LOVE YOU. I feel for you. And I cry for you. I wish I could take away your pain. The pain of a father not being able to hug his wife or babies again. Of a mother who has to bury her child before she has the chance to watch them grow. Of children that are future artists, doctors, that will never be able to get the education or attention they deserve.”


Bella Hadid’s sister also posts for Palestine, she posted

Rihanna and her selective activism

Rihanna also jumped in the bandwagon, but her homework was not complete. Ended up calling Israelis innocent. She faces massive backlash from fans. She posted on her IG,

To which she received comments to get educated on the matter before speaking. Fans commented that there is no oppression from “both sides.” There is only oppression from one side which is the Israeli side. One commented, “What is this? What happened to the 2014 “FREE PALESTINE” Rihanna? What happened to the ‘savage’ that stands up for everything and doesn’t care about ‘haters’? Wow.”

We really do hope these barbaric attacks on innocent Palestinians will stop. And they will have the right to live in their own country.