Bilal Ashraf and Maya Ali for “Yunhi”

The long wait is over for Bilal Ashraf and Maya Ali’s massive drama debut. While he did star in “Khaab Toot Jatay Hain” the same year and made his small-screen debut in 2021’s telefilm “Aik Hai Nigar” with Mahira Khan, Ashraf was yet to appear in a drama. But now that Bilal Ashraf is scheduled to feature alongside Maya Ali in the new drama series Yunhi, the wait is finally over for the fans.

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The drama’s writers are Ehteshamuddin and Momina Duraid, and it was produced by Momina Duraid for Hum TV, according to the two stars, who shared the news on their Instagram pages. Fans will undoubtedly expect fantastic onscreen chemistry between Bilal Ashraf and Maya Ali, who have already proven to be quite the pair in numerous photoshoots, even though not much is known about ‘Yunhi’ at this time.

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Maya Ali, everyone’s forever favourite!

Maya Ali has remained a fan favourite among the public despite Ashraf’s upcoming drama being his debut appearance. Her most recent endeavour, Jo Bichar Gaye, earned a tonne of accolades and marked her comeback to the realm of dramas after a 4-year absence.

We can’t wait for this duo to rock the screen together!

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