Indecent photoshoot by Mystical Shayari sparks outrage

Musical band, Mystical Shayari’s striking photograph at Quaid-e-Azam landmark alongside public moto of Pakistan, Unity, Faith has started shock via online media after pictures turned into a web sensation.

Mystical Shayari bold shoot

The couple can be seen wearing indecent clothes for a photo shoot. The shoot was done in front of the Quaid-e-Azam statue and it has received immense criticism.

Who are Mystical Shayari?

Mystical Shayari Band is a pop band worked by a duo who have mysterious personalities. One of the musicians is Zulfiqar, who is called Zulfi is homosexual. The other young one (girl) hails from New York. Both run a pop band with the name Mystical Shayari for quite a while.

Mystical Shayari receives death threats!

After the outrage, the band ‘Mystical Shayari’ took it to Instagram and stated that they are receiving threats of arrest, gay hunt, and kidnapping.

Mystical Shayari apology

Moreover, the account was apparently deleted or removed from Instagram.

Mystical Shayari page deleted

Ansar Abbasi demands arrest of the couple

Ansar Abbasi, a senior columnist in Pakistan, enrages online media with a request for Deputy Commissioner Islamabad. Taking to Twitter, the journalist Ansar Abbasi demands the arrest of the couple in the capital for showing ‘profanity’ out in the open by doing the bold shoot.

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Ansar Abbasi shares on Twitter, “The DC Islamabad Hamza Shafqaat is requested to arrest the couple, who displayed extreme obscenity in public in the federal capital,” Furthermore, Abbasi who has a history of making needless drama over small issues, this tweet was expected from him. However, what came next was astonishing.

Responding to Abbasi’s needless concern, DC Islamabad Hamza Shafqaat asked the public to come forward if they have any information.

Twitter got frenzy!

With this response, Twitter started reacting stirring the controversy even more.

A user replies,

Another user sarcastically replies, “Hamza shafqaat, ap apni nokri kartay huwey f7 ki doobti hui kachi abadiyan aur islamabad me barhtay harassment k cases ko dekh lijiye. Yeh kahan phans rahay hain?”

Moreover, another user made a valid point. He tweets, “Crimes in twin cities skyrocketing and inter public transport is a mess and lots of things??”

To our surprise, Ansar Abbasi unbothered by Twitter outrage gave the DC a gesture of appreciation. The journalist responds,

One thing is that moral policing just mirrors your own foul mentality. There are significantly more major problems in the country than two youngsters doing a photo shoot.

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