She began by talking about that Breast Cancer is a leading form of cancer among women. But there still remains a great deal of stigma and taboo around it especially in Pakistan. But Pakistan has come leaps and bounds in terms of Breast Cancer Awareness. A growing group of women have come forward who are aware, practice self screening, and do mammography (chest xray) once a year. However another group of females exist who still neglect and ignore this issue.

There are 80 to 85% of breast cancer cases where the cause of disease cannot be ascertained. 5 to 10% of cases have a genetic disposition. For the rest of the 5 to 10% cases, obesity seems to be a leading cause of Breast Cancer. Sedentary lifestyle, smoking and alcohol consumption also play a part to increase the risk factor in females.

Among the reasons for low detection of breast cancer is, it causes no pain in the early stages. Pain only occurs in the late stages where the cancer has already spread to the other parts. According to Dr. Sana, the symptoms of breast cancer include lumps in the breast or armpit, dimpling of breast skin, distortion in the shape of the breast, recent changes in the size of the breast, inverted nipples, asymmetry of the nipples or blood discharge from the nipples. If any of these symptoms exist, a visit to a Doctor becomes essential.

The best thing about breast cancer is that it can be detected on the surface of the skin and its early detection leads to almost 100% cure. Out of all the body cancers, breast cancer the friendliest cancer since it is completely treatable as long as it is detected in the early stages. It is not a sign of death.

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