BTS drop new remixes of Butter!

Who doesn’t know BTS? They have an army behind them from around the globe. This Korean Band came and took the whole world by storm. With their cute appearances, colourful music videos, funky and great dancing skills, and brilliant music production, BTS is undoubtedly making everyone happy! Spreading positivism and happiness all around.  

BTS Butter Hotter remix

BTS release its Hotter remix last week. Donning pant-suits and wearing pompadour hairdos instantly became the talk of the town for BTS. The song has all the Hotter feels with the music as well. This is the first time that we are seeing these funky and new remixes with actual names and different styles of the same song from the original band. BTS is making musical history. The Original version has 296m views on YouTube leading the Billboards on number one! And the Hotter remix has 42m views currently.

The Cooler remix of Butter

After their new song Butter that holds Billboard’s chart on number one, and released on May 21, 2021. The band announced that they will release its Cooler and Sweeter remixes. And just in today, they released its Cooler remix. The guitar-driven “Cooler” remix, which incorporates a more rock-inspired sound. The boys are seen dancing and enjoying donning colorful tracksuits and PJs in a gymnasium. Their distinctive colored hair and cutesy appearances are a definite highlight of the song. With a punk-y feel of the song! Definitely, this Cooler remix of Butter is really COOL!

The Sweeter audio remix of the same song is also released and is on the groovier side and hits R&B perfectly. The band is creating quality music for their fans and fans love them right back!

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This band never fails to amaze the audience with their music and in this world of constant lockdowns and a worldwide pandemic. They are a new wave of happiness for everyone! Listen to the original song which charts Billboard at number one!

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