Dr. Misbah Zaidi began with how proper usage and dispensing of Antibiotics is important for any healthy body.

He discussed that antibiotics are made for bacterial infections mainly, and they help a human body to get recovered from it. During his talk, he revealed that with self prescription people take medicines by themselves especially antibiotics, which on the longer run becomes extremely dangerous.

He stressed on the fact that people should get themselves checked, even if they suspect any infection in their bodies. He reiterated that if you are not able to reach out to a doctor instantly, get an OTC (over the counter) medicine with milder intensity to curb the pain.

He also said as COVID-19 is a new entry in the medical world, if someone gets in contact with an asymptomatic COVID patient. Get the PCR done and go into isolation. Do not start taking medication, especially antibiotics, as without any prescription it can be life threatening.  

Listen to the whole video session down below

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