I have seen a lot of people over the years talking about technology changes, which is somehow true as well. The world has evolved, and it’s safe to say that it has taken a 360 spin with TV. BUT! Radio has been one standout feature among Pakistani fans and globally as well. Be it on a lazy morning car drive or a fine crisp evening, a good RJ with an amazing voice and music that matches your mood becomes your best friend. And we are excited that it is SAMAA FM ANNIVERSARY!

SAMAA FM Turns 8

SAMAA FM 107.4 has turned 8 years old today on 25th December 2020. An amazing 8-year journey of entertainment, music, and news and the love that was received by many, including the largest fan following of Pakistan for any Radio Station of around 3.9M people!


On the account of SAMAA FM ANNIVERSARY Under the Digital Communications’ team; a fun tribute video was made which included our talented set of RJs, SAMAA FM teams from all over Pakistan – Karachi, Islamabad, Sialkot, Peshawar, Bahawalpur, and Lahore – who worked hard for making SAMAA FM 107.4 the best Radio Station of Pakistan.

Hints of 8

This video created a fun element where the whole team including our RJs gave hints of 8 through different means and the video ends up in a montage showing the turning of 8 years as a team. 8 years of unstoppable determination, 8 years of fine evolution, and 8 years of untiring progress. SAMAA FM 107.4 has come a long way to make this journey an incredible one.

SAMAA FM TV Partnership

As #SAMAAFMTurns8, the celebrations and enthusiasm mixed up in a video shared by the SAMAA FM family became a beloved entity for the team and that’s not it. The video got some attention from our TV partner, SAMAA TV as well. They also couldn’t stop themselves to appreciate the endless love and effort by SAMAA FM.

The CEO also shares his words of appreciation for the entire team and congratulated everyone for their tireless efforts in making SAMAA FM 107.4 the best radio station around the country!

SAMAA FM 107.4 broadcasts in major cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Bahawalpur, Sialkot, and Peshawar. Our love goes beyond boundaries through the web radio option as well and continuing to deliver brilliance for years to come! Happy 8th Anniversary Team SAMAA FM 107.4! Congratulation on completing the journey of greatness!