Zulfi of Mystical Shayari band got arrested

Shehzad Ghias Shaikh, a well-known Pakistani stand-up comedian, has strongly denounced the arrest of Zulfiqar ‘Zulfi’ of Mystical Shayari.

The boy who staged an obscene photograph in front of Quaid-e-portrait Azam’s in Islamabad enraged Ansar Abbasi in the past.

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Shehzad Ghias supports Zulfi of Mystical Shayari

Furthemore, he said that governments that are unable to deliver economically obsess about “culture wars.”

He continues that this is happening to please the lowest common denominator.

“Trump Governments like those of Trump, Imran Khan, and Modi, concern themselves with reviving nationalistic fervor as a way to charge their base – this protects their political support base but is highly dangerous for the country.”

He wrote in his post, referring to former US president and Prime Minister Imran Khan.

With this, he also says that arresting people for idiotic nebulous notions of ‘obscenity,’ according to Ghias, is ludicrous. “Imran Khan has been shirtless in public numerous times; if that is Zulfi’s crime, why isn’t Imran Khan in jail as well?” the comedian wondered.

Shehzad Ghias condemns arrest of Zulfi

He concluded his message by stating that while the Taliban have not jailed anybody for a picture session, the Pakistani Tali-Khan government has.

Earlier last month, an indecent photoshoot of a teenage model in front of a photograph of Quaid-e-Azam and the Islamabad Expressway went viral. Under Quaid’s slogan, Unity, Faith, and Discipline, the indecent images were taken.

In addition to this, the photoshoot was for a music video called “Mystic Shayari,” it was discovered. The photo session was a tribute to the three ideals that we are proud to uphold: “Faith, Discipline, and Unity.”

Twitter is not happy with Zulfi’s arrest!

The incident was denounced by several social media users. But this time a trend is started on Twitter with the hashtag #FreeZulfi

A user tweets,

Furthemore, another user tweets,

A user also stands in support of his bravery and tweets,

Apart from this, another user shares her views, “If men being shirtless in public is fahashi and a crime, I’m now eagerly awaiting the public ban on kabaddi, Mr. Pakistan competitions and canal swim season.”

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