Amid pandemic, Shamoon Ismail was excited to be back on the stage in Karachi to perform at Karachi Avari Tower.

The audience that seemed to be eager to welcome the singer grooved to his songs for a very brief time until the concert was halted by the police and commissioner Karachi officials.

Shamoon Ismail was asked to stop performing due to the violation of SOPs issued by the government for COVID-19.

According to the bassist of Shamoon Ismail, Shoaib Lari, he said “We were already six tracks into the performance when we were told that we have been asked to stop the show. The officials from the commissioner’s office had arrived at the venue and weren’t too pleased with how the audience was following the Covid-19 SOPs. We were told that due to the violation of SOPs, we have to end the concert. That is when the management told us to cut it off.”

Lari added that the show went on for a couple of hours. “We got on stage around 8:15, after the DJ was done with his gig. Around 9pm, we were asked to get off of the stage and leave the premises as well. There were police, and all we could hear was ‘band karain ji, isay band karain.‘ So, we had no other choice but to end the night.”