Our very own Sufi Abdul Jalil aka “Chacha Cricket” is very much alive and kicking.

In a recent video, he shuts all the rumours down assuring his fans and followers that he is alive and in good health!

“Death is a reality, it will come and no one will save [me] from it,” he says in the video. “Whoever posted my picture on Facebook and spread this fake news [of my death], may Allah give him hidayat (guidance) as well. I am alive and well.”

Chacha Cricket is recognised by his long white beard and his all Pakistani appearance in every cricket match of Pakistan. He has been sponsored by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to follow the Pakistan team around the world since 1998, receiving a monthly stipend of 26,000 rupees. He has been a super fan of the Pakistan cricket team for the past five decades and has travelled around the globe to support the men in green.