The scandalous Joker malware has been seen in different applications found on the Google Play Store for a very long time at this point. The malware has now been seen in eight new applications, proposes another report by Quick Heal Security Labs. The malware is known for its capacity to sneak into a client’s device through an application, following which it can furtively gather information.

What is Joker Malware?

Malware is noxious programming that leaks classified data from cell phones or other wireless-enabled individual advanced aides. Malware can be of various types. Joker is a ‘trojan’ malware that is initiated just when a client connects with an application installation. The infection then invades the gadget’s security and can deliver the device useless or even take data from it.

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What applications are effected by Joker Malware?

The malware can even supposedly subscribe the victim to premium memberships of different administrations, without the client’s consent. Authentications such as OTPs (one-time passwords) are obtained by stealing SMS information. Furthermore, the user only gets to know of the money deduction when they are alerted about transactions on their cards.

After the disclosure of the eight new applications that were discovered to be bound with the malware, Google rushed to take these applications off the Playstore. Nonetheless, if you have downloaded any of these applications, your gadget and privacy could in any case be in danger.

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Uninstall these apps

The eight apps that are under dangerous malware are: Auxiliary Message, Fast Magic SMS, Free CamScanner, Super Message, Element Scanner, Go Messages, Travel Wallpapers, and Super SMS. If your smartphone has any of these eight applications installed, uninstall them right away to stay safe. The virus is capable of changing and evolving itself so that it can bypass the security norms of the Google Play Store.

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