WhatsApp has seemingly been the most well-known among the three distinctive text messaging applications specifically WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram. In any case, things may change as WhatsApp is presently requiring its individuals to impart their data to Facebook or hazard having their accounts permanently deleted. Hours after WhatsApp changed its privacy policy Elon Musk tweeted just two words, “Use Signal.” And it was so easy to understand what Musk means.

Majorly the concerns with the new WhatsApp privacy policy are that your phone number, IP address mobile device information will be shared with Facebook. And Facebook has already been under lawsuits filed by state Government for their security breaches and Facebook record. Elon thinks that users should think twice and switch to Signal.


WhatsApp vs Signal vs Telegram

Indeed, it appears as though a portion of the users accepting this as a significant side road and are at present searching for options in contrast to the previously well-known  messaging application. As existing apart from everything else, there are two things that can be looked at: WhatsApp VS Telegram and WhatsApp VS Signal.

While WhatsApp VS Telegram is something that people may be more acquainted with, WhatsApp VS Signal began to commence significantly more once the right now most extravagant individual on the planet, Elon Musk, reported ‘Signal’ as an option in contrast to WhatsApp. Live Mint reported in that it was noticed how the extremely rich person like Musk said “Use Signal” as an alleged option for WhatsApp.

Is Telegram a Better Option than Whatsapp?

There is really very little distinction with regards to both WhatsApp and Telegram with regards to nature of the application. Nonetheless, it is referenced that something that can be taken. As a light for Telegram as it details that for the users whose primary concern is protection and security or for those users that sort of wish not to go standard or mainstream, Telegram would be a decent decision for them to utilize.

Is Telegram more secure than WhatsApp? For those users’ whose primary need is security, there are a couple of highlights that Telegram has which centers for the most part around the users’ protection. How is Telegram application not the same as WhatsApp? These highlights incorporate things like how Telegram users will have the option to get notices for others taking screen captures of their messages and their own mystery visit likewise can’t be sent. This would protect private messages on another level.

Telegram Elon Musk privacy

For those who are unaware the co-founder of WhatsApp Brian Acton left the company after Facebook acquired it. He then moved to Signal Foundation with Moxie Marlinspike. The Signal messaging app is like what WhatsApp used to be earlier and offers better privacy. The end-to-end encryption is there and defaulted.

WhatsApp Privacy Elon Musk

Signal Privacy policy Elon Musk

Which is better WhatsApp or Signal? Elon Musk Suggests!

Elon Musk tweeted Signal private messenger and this by itself is really a quite hard selling point yet there is really someone else who has recommended this messaging application too. As indicated by an article by Tech Radar, Edward Snowden himself has noted Signal as his number one messaging tool and it even has connections to WhatsApp as Brian Acton, WhatsApp’s fellow benefactor, has built up the Signal Foundation for advancing and promoting private messaging. Then why is Signal safer than WhatsApp? The hardest selling purpose of Signal is that it isn’t just free, yet it is likewise an open source project which implies that there is practically “no odds” of any person or thing ready to crawl into the code. This specific non-benefit association also brings up that there are positively no promotions, no affiliated advertising, and furthermore no creepy following.

Also despite hearing about different claims, Marlinspike, said that the Israeli phone-hacking firm Cellebrite cannot hack into Signal, as it is considered the world’s most secure encrypted communications platform. “Not only can Cellebrite not break Signal encryption, but Cellebrite never even claimed to be able to,” Marlinspike wrote on the app’s website, in a blog post calling out the BBC and others for writing “clickbait” headlines.

Signal Sees Massive Surge in New Signups

Encoded messaging application Signal says it’s seeing a massive rise of new users pursuing the service, to such an extent that the organization is seeing postponements and delays in telephone number confirmations codes of new records across various cell suppliers.

With respect to what or who is liable for such countless new users keen on trying the application, which is worked by the non-profit Signal Foundation, Elon Musk and WhatsApp gave them the lead! They shared the solution within hours and now they can download Signal and use the app!

https://twitframe.com/show?url=https://twitter.com/signalapp/status/1347258641892614144At the end of the day, it truly relies upon the users whether to keep utilizing WhatsApp notwithstanding its push on their users to share their information to Facebook or get their accounts suspended once and for all. In any case, for those that don’t care for sharing their information or being compelled to impart their information to Facebook, there are two different options to be specific Signal and Telegram that are known to protect users deep and meaningful conversations!