Christian Betzmann and Zoya Nasir

Travel Vlogger from Germany Christian Betzmann is still at the receiving end of hate for his insensitive take on the Palestine issue and criticism of Pakistan. Many of us know by now that he was the actress Zoya Nasir’s ex-fiance. They were friends and dated for a while before he asked her to marry him 3 months ago at Bahamas Island.

Celebrities and influencers showing solidarity for Palestine

The Israeli terrorism and mistreatment against the vulnerable Palestinians has been standing out as truly newsworthy everywhere on the world. The calamitous besieging and bombing in Gaza is boldly directed by the Israeli powers while the helpless Palestinians keep on experiencing the most exceedingly terrible philanthropic emergency. In the midst of the continuous brutality in the Palestinian locale, numerous ordinary citizens, big names and online media influencers the whole way across the world have shown support for the Palestinians.

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Christian Betzmann shared his views on his Instagram stories and people were not happy with his take on it. Someone took a dig at him cussing and swearing him. But instead of ignoring him, he insulted Pakistani people and the country as a whole.

During a conversation with an influencer Muznah, the Vlogger shared his opinion regarding the Palestine issue, saying he believes that social media has never helped in any political event and the strikes of third world countries are useless and waste of time. While also commenting that this thought is “naïve.” Betzmann wrote that, “It’s better to go pray as praying is the only thing third world countries can do.” Whereas, “first world countries are based on doers,” he sneered. The German Vlogger who recently embraced Islam said: “Prayers do nothing” and “you can’t do anything.” He concluded it with, “you never know your country might be next.”

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That’s what went wrong between them!

After the recent spat between Christian and the blogger. Zoya Nasir announced on Instagram that she has broken up with him due to his sudden change in stance towards her country, culture, people and religion. She took a bold step to have broken the engagement. She wished him good luck for his future.

For the whole engagement explanation. Christian on the other hand had different views. He replied to a fan that he left Zoya. [Weird]

Both the artists did not comment further about their past relationship problems.

Criticism and a non-apology from Betzmann

After this drama, Hania Amir and others also criticized Betzmann. Hania said that “Any celebrity/influencer going on about how social media influence cannot bring about change. Aik sawal. What are YOU doing here then? She also said to find something else as your job if these so-called influencers cannot do anything better for the society.

Soon after the screenshots went viral from different TikTokers and Instagrammers. Christian finally came up with a non-apologetic explanation and responded to the outrage.

He addressed, “First of all, this is not an apology. It’s funny how people twist things to get clout,” he said. “Pakistan has welcomed me with open arms and I am forever grateful to that. I love my fans and I love everyone who has been supporting me through the channel over the past year to show the good image of the country, and the fun side.”

Furthermore, he said that twisting facts and spreading hate is easier than finding solutions for a change. I was always with Palestine and with my Muslim brothers. And never supported Israel in any way. He thanked everyone in his last story on Instagram for their support and love.

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