After the Antitrust Lawsuit of the Facebook, and the on-going feud between Facebook and Apple. Something else is coming up and this time it’s not only going to blow your mind, but it will probably read it before too!

In a leaked company meeting on Tuesday, the chief Technology Officer of Facebook Mike Schroepfer highlighted recent progress on the company’s neural interface tech, reported by BuzzFeed.

Apparently the ultimate goal is not to harvest our thoughts as yet another form of personal data, but rather to give people the ability to control software with their thoughts.

Facebook vs Apple Controversy

Recently, the social media giant is already in between a feud with Apple over the privacy policies. Facebook issued a full page ad on local newspapers claiming that they are in full support of “Small Businesses,” and Apple’s privacy policies is somewhat giving the opposite narrative to this whole change. Apple on the other side defensively issued a statement yesterday that they will not compromise on their users’ safety and they will be given the choice to either turn the option to let the application track them.

Will people actually buy the device that will read minds?

Well with this new “Mind Reading” part of Facebook, Schroepfer acknowledged that getting people to actually use the tech might be a hard sell.

“We have to build responsibly to earn trust and the right to continue to grow,” Schroepfer said. “It’s imperative that we get this right so that people around the world get all these amazing technologies… without experiencing the downsides,” he added.

Facebook has been working towards this brain-reading system for years. The company announced its plans to develop a brain-computer interface headset in 2017, and later in September 2019 it purchased the neural interface startup CTRL-Labs.

Last year according to Facebook’s they seek to a long-term goal to reach a much, much wider audience: The aim explains to give all of us the ability to control digital devices — from keyboards to augmented reality glasses — using the power of thought alone. To do that, the company will need access to our brain data.

Based on the leaked meeting, it sounds like the social media giant has made some progress toward its goal so, if Facebook’s narrative is believable. The sci-fi dream of sending commands to a PC is on its way to become a living reality.