Growing up in an environment in a part of Pakistan, where women’s wings were only clipped and never fanned. A few people still manage to stitch those wings back with a fearless approach and a dream of achieving more. She appeared in Coke Studio with Allama Iqbal’s famous and controversial kalaam ‘Shikwa,’ and garnered special attention. And since then she never turned back. She is none other than Natasha Baig!

The Musical Journey

The Shikwa crooner began with how blessed she feels now to have the kind of support she has, from her family and friends. She lamented over the fact that it was not the case when she was a teenager and when she shared her dream with her family. She further shared that she does not know what her father felt in his last living days, as he opposed my musical journey the most, and what was his thought process, but now that he is not alive it is a mystery. She added that “My mother is my support now, she has been with me through thick and thin, and she has faced a lot with me, but here we are.”

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Pakistan India Peace For Music

Natasha firmly believes that it is important for both the nations to come closer especially for music. She always talks about music and peace. She added that “Hum jang ki baat kiun karain? Mujhay India se bhi utna hi pyaar mil raha houtaa hai.” She also said that political issues should never come in between music!

Feminism for Natasha Baig

Her take on Feminism was very simple; she stated that she wants to portray her side to the masses in a very sensible way. She was disappointed over that fact that many women cannot speak for her own rights because they know no one will listen. She said that if some woman wants to speak for her rights while disturbing “some boundaries,” no one should have any problem!

Watch the rest of her interview below:

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