Pakistani industry has seen massive growth within the last decade. Filmmakers and actors have been proving their mettle throughout these years and making sure that no one takes their place in the industry and it is not just nation-wide.

The Global Recognition of Pakistani Celebrities!

The UK Publication “Eastern Eye” has recognised four Pakistanis in its list of TOP 50 Asian Celebrities of 2020.

Sarwat Gillani

Eastern Eye has placed Sarwat Gillani at 21st, recognising her for her dazzling and powerful performance on screen, for her hit series “Churails.”

“With the electrifying drama, she opened the door for a new era of TV content in Pakistan box and consolidated her position as a feminist icon,” the description stated.

Bilal Abbas Khan

Ranked on 28th spot, stood Bilal Abbas Khan for his magnificent performance in “Pyar ke Sadqay” and “Ek Jhooti Love Story.” Eastern Eye lauded the skills of Bilal Abbas Khan. Read More: IS BILAL ABBAS KHAN GOING TO WORK FOR BOLLYWOOD?

Ali Zafar

With beautiful melodies and superb acting skills, Ali Zafar took 39th spot. The humanitarian saved the Pakistani Super League with his anthems!

Eastern Eye wrote, “He also promoted new talent with his record label. More meaningful was the immense humanitarian work the actor did for those who were suffering during Covid-19. His actions inspired others and consolidated his star credentials.”

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy

The Pakistani-Canadian journalist and  Oscar winning filmmaker and activist Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy was honoured at 49th spot for her work “Sitara.” Chinoy was known for her work in films that highlighted the inequality with women. She is the recipient of two Academy Awards, six Emmy Awards and a Knight International Journalism Award.

The Oscar-winning director was praised for using her work to “Raise awareness about social issues, nurture new talent and gain international attention for her work”.

Congratulations to the celebrities who made us all proud with their achievements, their commendable performances and contributions to the industry.