Pakistani dramas have been a center of attraction for the audience for a long. Be it positive attention or negative. It manages to catch the best of it. Meanwhile, where some topics and stories need to be changed according to the societal aspects, some great stories emerge once in a while. Raqeeb Se is one of them.

Raqeeb Se

The story is written by the award-winning Beegul, for Momina Duraid Productions Hum TV. Directed by Kashif Nisar, the music is composed and OST was sung by Hadiqa Kiani. The cast includes Hadiqa Kiani as Sakina, Nauman Ijaz as Maqsood, Sania Saeed as Hajra, Faryal Mahmood as Insha, Iqra Aziz as Ameera, and Saqib Sameer as Rafiq.

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Raqeeb Se – storyline

Raqeeb Se is a story around Maqsood’s (Nauman Ijaz) past which affects his present life. Sakina (Hadiqa Kiani) escapes her abusive husband Rafique, Sakina along with her daughter Ameera flees from her village to find support from Maqsood. Maqsood holds a grudge against Sakina’s past life and her deeds. Hajra (Sania Saeed) gives her the shelter Sakina needed, which Maqsood refuses. Insha (Faryal Mahmood) is in a relationship with Abdul a fellow doctor-to-be. She is a confident and strong woman.

Raqeeb Se Plot

The story at first is a slow paced one. But once you start watching you get involved into it more. Some of you may find the concept of a past lover staying at the current-already-married man bizarre, but the way it was portrayed from Hajra’s end was commendable. She knew deep down Maqsood is never able to forget her and his love for Sakina is so strong that even Insha tells the tale to her boyfriend Abdul (Hamza Sohail). That is the reason Hajra has been kind to Sakina. Ameera (Iqra Aziz) who is a simpleton and craves a father’s attention was naive, but cute in her ways.

[Spoiler Alert]
Raqeeb Se is a simple story but with complex emotions. Sakina chooses to stay in an abusive marriage because she was guilty of murdering Maqsood Sahab’s younger brother. Maqsood Sahab never forgot her lover’s memories and his brother’s death; hence there was no closure on his part. Hajra punished herself for a divorce that was never her fault. And Rafiq despite all his abuses still beats himself up because Sakina never becomes his.

The last 2 episodes

The last 2 episodes became the cornerstone. It unfolded the twists and turns and everything became crystal clear. Insha, files for Khula after realizing that her husband Abdul is a self-centred opportunist, gave out the message that it’s better to leave a toxic marriage than to sacrifice yourself in it. Moreover she finds out that Maqsood was not her father. She was Hajra’s ex-husband’s daughter, who fled as soon as Hajra’s delivers Insha. Maqsood (who took charge of Sakina’s murder of his brother) meets Hajra’s father in jail where he promised to marry his daughter after listening to Hajra’s sad stories of marriage.

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The sad fate of Ameera

Ameera had a sad fate; she found and lost Kashif Masood (Hassan Mir) (who is also Insha’s first cousin and also her divorce lawyer) to a tragic death. Even though Kashif was never a prominent character in the whole drama, that particular scene left the audience to tears. Ameera and Kashif had some cute moments together but that particular scene could have been the best, turned out to be the saddest. Kashif lost his life and Ameera lost her love due to his father’s corruption.

Knots unfolded!

In the last episode, when everything gets onto their feet, it was seen that Insha choses to be free from all the pressures of being into a toxic relationship and start practicing medical away from her home. Maqsood and Hajra finally get a chance to rekindle their love and Maqsood finally accepts that he loves his ‘adopted’ daughter. Sakina chooses to be free from Rafiq once and for all. And Ameera was left alone, although she finally manages to break the barrier of abuse from her father.

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Despite being slow-paced, Raqeeb Se manages to pull all the strings together and shows a masterpiece. It is binge-worthy. Every emotion was shown perfectly. The relations were bonded and intact throughout, especially Hajra and Sakina. This is not your regular kind of women-empowered friendships, but through this drama, it was shown commendably.

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Drama Ratings 4.1/5