The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

The eagerly anticipated documentary “The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann” on Netflix has been plagued by rumors’ of problems nearly since it was first ordered. The McCanns themselves declined to participate and requested that everyone else do the same. It was once claimed that the eight-part series would be shortened to a single, hour-long episode.

However, it ended up being a complete eight-part series. Was the wait worthwhile? Did it dispel rumours and disbelievers? Both no and no, not by any imaginable standard.

What was the Madeleine McCann story?

The case was a straightforward recounting of how Madeleine, a three-year-old girl, was abducted from her holiday apartment one night while the whole family were on vacation in Portugal. She is Kate and Gerry McCann’s eldest daughter. However, the level of negligence and utter insanity displayed by the Portuguese police revealed how unconcerned they were throughout the terrible process and how their needless delays lengthened the entire disappearance process.

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An absolute and complete drag for the series!

The entire incident was one of the most publicized kidnapping cases in history. And nearly every media outlet on the globe paid attention to it. But the way it was portrayed looked to be nothing more than a rehash and repetition of the kidnapping scenes. The whole Netflix documentary-series of the McCann’s case provided no fresh information or new insights, and it lacked even a point of view.

The majority of the first episode is devoted to the disappearance, the ensuing panic, the initial shock, and the slowest police response. From there, we move on to the fruitless searches, the increasing media attention, and the deterioration of Kate and Gerry’s relationship with the Portuguese police.

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The suspect’s shaky identification, the sniffer dogs that cast doubt on the parents. The magazine article that implied the McCann family and the people they were vacationing with had made a pact of silence regarding the “fact” that Madeleine had perished in an accident while they were eating at the resort’s tapas bar 100 yards away and that they had disposed of the body. Through all potential sightings, linkages to other cases, later authored publications, and purposes for agendas. In addition, there were subsequent legal actions, and so forth. All dead ends and meaningless recaps of scenes from a story that still hasn’t concluded (yet).

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Final Verdict

I enjoy watching crime documentaries; in fact, I watch them the majority of the time over regular series. In my opinion, this was one of the situations that should have been handled more effectively and efficiently. It’s about the general situation of a grave crime, not just the creation of a Netflix series. The case itself was delicate and painful, but the cops and media treated it like complete rubbish.

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