Disappointed with the intelligence community, the top intelligence worker (contractor) Edward Snowden (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) leaves the National Security Agency. He currently realizes that a virtual heap of information is being amassed to follow all types of advanced correspondence – from unfamiliar governments and terrorist gatherings, yet from ordinary Americans. At the point when Snowden chooses to release this arranged data, he turns into a swindler and a traitor to many, a saint to other people and an outlaw for the law!

Cast And Crew

Snowden’s (2016) cast includes Joseph Gordon-Lewitt as (Edward Snowden), Shailene Woodley, Melissa Leo, Zachary Quinto, Tom Wilkinson, Scott Eastwood Logan Marshall-Green, Timothy Olyphant, Ben Schnetzer, LaKeith Lee Steinfield, Rhys Ifans, Nicholas Cage, Joely Richardson, and Ben Chaplin. The movie was directed by Oliver Stone and produced by Moritz Borman.


In 2013, Edward Snowden orchestrates a secret gathering in Hong Kong with documentarian Laura Poitras and writer Glenn Greenwald. They talk about delivering the ordered data in the previous’ belonging with respect to unlawful mass surveillance directed by the National Security Agency (NSA). Poitras later delivered a narrative about this meeting named Citizenfour, this thusly was utilized in a scene inside the film Snowden.

In 2004, Snowden is going through the essential training, having enrolled in the U.S. Armed forces with the goals of registering to the Special Forces. He in the end cracks his tibia and is educated that he will get a managerial release and that he may serve his nation in other ways.

Snowden goes after a job at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and in this manner goes through the screening cycle. At first, his responses to the screening questions are deficient; however, Deputy Director Corbin O’Brian chooses to take a risk on him, given the requests of such remarkable occasions. Snowden is then brought to “The Hill” where he is instructed and tried on cyberwarfare. He finds out about the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which bypasses the Fourth Amendment privileges of U.S. residents by permitting warrant solicitations to be endorsed by a board of judges that were designated by the Chief Justice. Snowden and his companions are each entrusted with building an incognito interchanges network in their old hometown, erasing it, and afterward modifying it in eight hours or less, with five hours being the normal time taken. Snowden dazzles O’Brian when he finishes the activity in a short time around 38 minutes.

Then, Snowden meets Lindsay Mills on a dating site. The two bond, regardless of forcefully differentiating political belief systems. Snowden gets his first post abroad working with political cover in Geneva in 2007, taking Mills with him. He meets Gabriel Sol, who has sufficient involvement with electronic reconnaissance. Snowden starts scrutinizing the moral ramifications of their assignment. After his boss chooses to set up their objective on a DUI accusation to pressure data from him, Snowden leaves the CIA.

Snowden later takes a position with the NSA in Japan, at first under the misrepresentation of building a program that would permit the public authority to back up all basic information from the Middle East in a crisis, a program which he names “Epic Shelter.” Snowden learns of the practices the NSA and other U.S. government organizations are utilizing in Japan, however in many nations which the U.S. is as of now aligned with, which incorporate planting malware in various PCs that oversee government, framework, and monetary areas so that, if any partners betray the US, that nation can successfully be closed down in counter. The pressure-related to the work brings about the cut-off of his association with Mills, who moves back with her family in Maryland.

Snowden And NSA

Three months later, Snowden has left his post with the NSA and returned to Maryland where he and Mills resume their relationship and he takes a position consulting for the CIA. During a hunting trip, O’Brian reveals an operation in Oahu that revolves around counterattacking Chinese hackers. After Snowden is diagnosed with epilepsy, Mills agrees that he should join the operation for she believes the environment in Hawaii may be beneficial for his health. Upon beginning his new job in “The Tunnel”, an underground World War II bunker that has been re-purposed for massive electronic surveillance and SIGINT operations, Snowden learns that Epic Shelter is actually providing real-time data that assists U.S. drone pilots in launching lethal strikes against terror suspects in Pakistan.

Taking The Secrets!

In discussing the Rubik’s Cube scene in particular — which, in an uneven movie, is the best example of Stone’s attempt to give Snowden’s life a cinematic sheen — the director hinted at the difficulty that exists in this kind of filmmaking, which chooses to turn the complexity of human life into recognizable genre storytelling. Snowden ultimately becomes disillusioned with what he is a part of. It culminates in Snowden smuggling a microSD card into his office by way of a Rubik’s Cube and loading all relevant data. And while solving the Rubik’s cube he went smoothly from the airport security. While he gets scanned. He advises Mills to fly home to Maryland, after which he contacts Poitras and Greenwald to schedule the meeting. In the aftermath, with the help of MacAskill, Greenwald, and Poitras, Snowden is smuggled out of Hong Kong on a flight bound for Latin America by way of Russia. He is eventually granted asylum for three years, with Mills joining him at a later date. Snowden continues his activism.

We won’t be lying if we say that we are completely surprised that the real Edward Snowden has no such connections with the big giants’ world and as a mode of communication he uses Signal only 

Snowden could be one way of describing Oliver Stone’s expertly made movie: a tense, taut drama with heart-stopping moments – Stone’s best since his 90s paranoia thrillers Nixon and JFK. So are you going to watch it tonight?


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IMDB Ratings 7.3/10