Thriller – a vicious and exciting part of TV series culture

Observing people try to make sense of the unexplainable will always be a good foundation for a TV show. Whether its people going missing, people fighting a mystery virus, or people trying to make sense of what they uncover on their route to the Bermuda Triangle, these stories touch on something fundamental in a way that few other shows can.

Hellbound Netflix

As a result, when the hunt for answers becomes fully cosmic, it becomes much more powerful. Such is the case with “Hellbound,” the newest international Netflix series to break into the top ten most-watched shows on the platform.

The show has been favourably praised at major film festivals across the world this autumn, and Netflix has released it in its entirety as one of the most recent Korean Original series, Yeon Sang-dark ho’s and compelling six-part series.

Hellbound storyline

A strange catastrophe befalls random people in the not-too-distant future Seoul in it. They are informed that they are bound for Hell and that their day of judgement is approaching by the same wispy, shadowy prophet of doom. They’re left to wait for the inevitable after being given the exact date and time of their death.

Death with a timer!

When the timer goes off, the person in question is visited by a trio of hulking grey demons who pummelled them into the hereafter, looking a little like super-ripped Stay-Puft men, ashy and burning after being left in the oven too long. The three-race off to their shadow domain, capped off with an orb of blazing white-hot pain that chars these folks to a crisp, leaving nothing but half a roasted skeleton behind.


The prophecy and discovery!

Jin Kyeong-hoon (Yang Ik-june), a police detective whose wife was murdered just a few months before, arrives late to the case briefing. His irritated boss asks him and colleague detective Hong Eun-pyo (Park Jung-pyo) to look into the New Truth Society, which has been distributing information about the incidents.

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They arrive at the scene to find a New Truth gathering, with “Chairman Jeong” outlining what happens: Convicted prisoners see a ghostly presence that tells them when they’ll be taken to hell, and then the dark giants arrive at the appointed moment. They question Jeong about how he came to believe in the prophecy; he first encountered these beings on a pilgrimage to Tibet, and it gave him a reason to live: to discover God and live a life of righteousness. After seeing his daughter Hee-jeong (Lee Re) at the rally, Kyeong-hoon is already enraged.

Final Verdict

At initially, Choi Kyu-Hellbound goes slowly. It’s attempting to weave the story’s threads together, from the strange, seemingly supernatural killings to Jeong and the New Truth, the Arrowhead, and Kyeong-attempts hoon’s to investigate the strange crime while still grieving.

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Hellbound comes across as a little disjointed, owing to its attempt to cram all of its characters into the plot. It does a better job than some other shows with so many characters (we’re looking at you, The Wheel Of Time! ), but there are still significant plot holes, such as who the Arrowhead is, why this guy in the goat skull mask is making videos, and what sets them apart from The New Truth (if there is anything).

Overall, it is a one-time-watch series.

Rating: 8.5/10

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