Gal Gadot supporting Israel without facts

We are glad that Pakistani people are being courageous enough to call international celebrities out without giving an inch of care. Gal Gadot, DC’s Wonder Woman spoke on the recent issues in the escalating Palestine-Israel crisis, but fans and followers did not like her contribution to the matter.

The Israeli actor and model spoke up on Twitter. Expressing her heartbreak, announcing, “My country is at war.”

She says that she worries for her friends and family. The vicious cycle needs to come to an end. In the most controversial part of her statement, she said, “Israel deserves to live as a free and safe nation.”

Furthermore, “And our neighbors deserve the same.” She finished off by praying for better days.

Netizens were fumed at her stance and started speaking in replies over Twitter, which made sense. She was factually wrong and only supporting her ‘country’ without facts and figures.

Jordanian journalist Yasser Abu Hilal reminds the actor that her “country is perpetrating war crimes, genocide, ethnic cleansing, and apartheid.”

Another user added and commented, “Israel occupied the Palestinian land and now are dominating it illegally.”

One stated facts and figures and schooled her right.

The appeasement policy

The “Wonder Woman” actress also became a hashtag trend in several countries. People expressed disappointment and hate over her factually wrong and pro-Israel views. The Jewish actress did not react to online criticism. A few days after her first tweet on the situation on the Palestine-Israel issue. Gal Gadot on Saturday called for an end to anti-Semitism. She said there should be no “hate against Asians, Muslims, Armenians, Blacks, LGBTQ, Christians and Jews.”

Meanwhile, supermodel Bella Hadid continues to raise her voice along with her sister Gigi Hadid against Israeli brutalities in Palestine.

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Last but not the least, Bella Hadid has urged fans to continue their campaign against Israel despite the ceasefire between Hamas and the Jewish state.