Pakistani dramas have always been appreciated by people across the globe for their conceptual and deep insights. Many sought-after actors from our neighboring countries have openly expressed it and so Sania Mirza, the subcontinent’s tennis star!

If you’ve taken note, the Indian channel – Zee Zindagi has aired many a Geo TV productions that include Meri Zindagi Hai TuDil Mohallay Ki Haveli, Namm, and More Piya raising our drama industry’s popularity quotient all the more.

Sania Mirza posted a photo on her Instagram story for fans recently, as she held a cup of tea and enjoyed watching the Pakistani drama Mera Dil Mera Dushman. She wrote on the story “…after putting the baby to sleep, a cup of chamomile tea and Mera Dil Mera Dushman.” She also hashtagged in such a manner where she asked her fans to guess the show on air she likes the most lately!

Other than the main cast of this show, the cast also includes Noman Sami, Alizeh Shah, Fatima Sohail, Anam Tanveer, and Yasir Nawaz.

So could you have guessed Sania Mirza’s favorite current show?

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