Secondly, so much about how these sources exercise their power remains unknown to the rest of us.

Internet has undoubtedly turned our lives around. It has revolutionized the means of communications and amidst the pandemic of 2019-2020, it has transformed due to immense quantities of information. But now it is no longer concerned with information alone, it has become a sophisticated multidisciplinary tool enabling us to create content, design new ideas and much more.

Lets discuss a few ways 2020 has changed the way we use internet:

–    The study pattern has changed drastically. Because of this shift students are now more inclined towards attending online classes through Zoom and Google meet, which is considered to be a safe option with a wide range of digitized books available on the internet.

–    Web-based health care is playing a key role in keeping the nation woke and safe, through different applications, doctors are available 24/7 and they can guide you with your symptoms and suggest you treatments to do while you stay at home.

–    More and more people are now using internet to voice their opinions, and communicate it widely through different social media platforms.

–    Online banking and online shopping have evidently increased throughout 2020. People on an average feel secured while shopping online for their groceries and paying their bills without stepping outside.

–    Online readership has escalated widely as your favourite newspaper comes into tablet form. Reading magazines and newspapers have come under your fingertips.

With some of these major transformations, cellular network companies like Zong which had recently launched and tested its 5G service globally, are also hopeful to make fast speed internet accessible and reachable to everyone. With these changes, let’s hope to see better advancements in the future.