Meditation is an approach to train the mind and soul, similar to the way how fitness can train your body. It is a practice which is available to all; it increases happiness, clarity, calmness and reduces stress. When we meditate, we inject over-arching and long-lasting advantages into our lives. We lower our stress levels, we connect better, we improve our focus, we get to know our pain, and get kinder to ourselves.

Among various Buddhist monks, the word “meditation” is equal to sports, and it is extremely difficult for a beginner to sit straight for hours without breaking their focus, as meditation requires different mental skills. Let us walk you through the basics in our mindful guide on how to meditate.

Start with Unbreakable Focus

The easiest way where you can begin your meditation by focusing on your breath and try concentrating on a single point followed by the breath trail, while repeating a single word or a mantra, or by staring into a candle flame. You can start it by sitting still for a few minutes, and keep this practice on loop to make sure you don’t break focus at any point. Once you master this main part, the meditation will become easier.

Stay as Natural as Possible

You can stay as natural as possible. If you have an itch, go ahead and scratch it, feel free to move around and switch your position. This meditation style needs you to be natural and relaxed with any position you take while meditating. You can even fall asleep too, the goal is to establish a connection with a state of ease and if this includes sleep, so go ahead sleep!

Controlling Anger

Often when strong emotions come in to your mind, it tends to stay and usually turns anger. When your mind settles down in meditation, it becomes aware of an emotion which is mind-ful vulnerability, this will be the time where you breathe more and see different colours in your mind. Keep your focus on the lighter shades, it radiates good energy and helps calm your soul.

Ending Meditation

It is important that you come out of the meditation slowly, meditation means you are deeply rested, and you don’t want to wake up from this feeling suddenly. Take some time open your eyes followed by some stretches, move around and start your normal activities. Don’t forget to hydrate after. Happy meditating!