Javelin Olympics winner Neeraj Chopra is disappointed!

Olympic champion Neeraj Chopra expressed his displeasure with the backlash to his comments about Pakistani Arshad Nadeem’s use of his javelin during the Tokyo Games on Thursday, calling the outcry “propaganda geared at furthering a nasty agenda.” The 23-year-old, who won India’s first Olympic gold medal in athletics in Tokyo, warned that his name should not be used to stir up any issue.

Neeraj Chopra requests media to stop dirty propaganda

Chopra, who became only the second Indian to win a bar of individual Olympic gold, stated on Twitter, “I would encourage everyone not to exploit me and my comments as a vehicle to advance your vested interest and propaganda.”

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“Sports teach us how to work together and be a team. I’m quite disappointed by some of the public’s reactions to my recent remarks. There was nothing wrong with Arshad Nadeem practicing with my javelin; it was within the regulations, and please do not exploit my name to promote a shady purpose.” He added.

Chopra revealed in a recent interview that he was looking for his own javelin before his first throw in the Olympic final on August 7 and discovered it in the hands of Nadeem.

Any javelin submitted to the officials by a contestant for his use can be used by any other competitor, according to the rules. Except for pole vault, this rule applies to all field events.

Chopra, who used the Valhalla version of the Nordic brand in the final, made it obvious that Nadeem, who came in fifth, had done nothing wrong.

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“A controversy (mudda) has come up that I had talked about taking the javelin from Pakistani participant Arshad Nadeem before my first throw in the final (on August 7). It has been made into a big controversy,” Chopra said in a video clip posted along with his tweet.

Great sportsmanship

“It’s is a very simple thing, we keep our personal javelin (inside a holding rack) but it can be used by anybody. It is the rule and there is nothing wrong with that. He (Nadeem) was having the javelin and preparing for his throw. I asked him to give it to me for my throw. “I am very sad that a big controversy has been created taking my name. We javelin throwers share a good bond and speak to each other nicely.”

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