The recent Arijit Singh’s version of the super hit ‘Sayonee’ created quite the controversy over social media for the past couple of weeks.

The new Sayonee was not quite well received from the original fans and followers, and that is true, because original Sayonee is a masterpiece for generations to listen to!  

For the current uprising over social media Salman Ahmad talked about how when someone ‘redo’ something, the original outshines. It remains the same. He also made it clear that he did not sell the masterpiece. He just gave the license of Sayonee. And that too is allowed in the music world, from one musician to another.

He shared that “if we hadn’t introduced the Pakistani musical culture in our youth back in the days, we would not have “Dil Dil Pakistan” or “Jazbaa Junoon” as global musical mantras.”  

“It’s a recognition for us and a moment to be proud of that Pakistani talent is unmatchable,” He added.

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