Internet trolls can go on any level with their news. This week Imran Abbas has been declared married 4th time and this time it is with Urwa Hocane. During last week, it was Ushna Shah. Both the actors laugh it off at first. But things got out of hands when more gossip came through.

Imran Abbas and Ushna Shah’s fake marriage

The same YouTube channel that circulated Ushna and Imran’s fake marriage has now shared that the actor has tied the knot with his upcoming co-star Urwa Hocane. The ‘news’ apparently came after the duo was seen crooning to a song on the sets of their upcoming drama serial. However, this time around, Abbas has shown extreme disappointment. 

Breaking silence!

The actor took to his Facebook and wrote, “After Aleezay Shah, Saboor, Ushna now its Urwa… My Fourth marriage since January 2021… Yaar in bloggers ko koi aur kaam nahi hai kya? (Yaa ye samajhtay hain ke Mujhe koi aur kaam Nahi hai)? ..Can we take action against these bloggers/clickbaiters??? Its really shameful to associate any female’s name with her co-actor/friend or vice versa. I would request all of you to atleast unsubscribe these YouTube channels, bloggers or social media pages to let them have the taste of their own medicine.”

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While people troll and make fake news. Celebrities feel awkward and disturbed too. Not everything should be gossip. Not everything should be made fake in order to troll one celebrity. Moreover, it is ethically wrong to post irrelevant, and incorrect facts just for views, likes, and, comments.