Pakistani drama industry has seen various stars and gems over the past few years and this rate has now been increasing. New talents have been coming and taking over the screen through and through and proving their mettle with different roles they portrayed in a series of drama or in one single telefilm, then comes actors with the certain role they played and they become memorable! And notable! What is meant by a notable performance? A type of performance that can move you on different emotional levels or in some cases make you hate that certain character! “Mein hun or mere sath bhi mein hun,” you have probably heard these lines in memes but throughout 2018, Bhola was with us, with his stupid and cute acting. Bhola made his place in our hearts as a character and Imran Ashraf as an actor.

Imran Ashraf

Imran has been a fine discovery for the industry and his acting woo-ed the fans and followers all the way. Since 2011 he has appeared in almost 30+ dramas as lead and as a supporting actor.

Imran Ashraf Awan is a Pakistani actor and writer. Imran started his acting career in 2011. He gained recognition and critical acclaim for his appearances in Dil Lagi, Alif Allah Aur Insaan, and Ranjha Ranjha Kardi. Imran started his career in 2011 from Wafa Kaisi Kahan Ka Ishq in a supporting role, and then in 2016, he gained attention for his performance in Dil Lagi, Gul-e-Rana, and Jhoot. Imran is famous for his versatile character portrayal. He played a transgender in Alif, Allah aur Insaan which got him the 6th Hum Awards.

In 2018, he wrote the drama serial Tabeer and was nominated for the Best writer at the 7th Hum Awards. He garnered the most attention by playing the most loved character of Bhola in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi. Fans and followers loved his performance throughout the drama and appreciated it on a national level. After Ranjha Ranjha Kardi he appeared in Inkaar, Jaal, and Rani Nokrani, Kahin Deep Jaley, which is a popular drama and was top drama and used to be on trending on No. 1. It is one of the biggest dramas of 2019. Currently the actor is working in his written drama Mushk alongside Urwa Hocane.

Imran Ashraf a Teaboy?

Recently Imran Ashraf appeared for an interview with BBC where he talked in detail about his life struggles as an actor. He began talking about as an actor we work and only work for recognition and appreciation and that is it! While talking about Raqs-e-Bismil he said that when I heard the script lines, I knew that this role was for me! And I accepted it during Covid… and I had the feeling that this is going to be big!

While talking about the lead female Sara Khan, Imran said that Sara is a mature actress a very very brilliant co-star, she has made it easier for me to be settled in for this role.

While talking about his struggles initially before Ranjha Ranjha Kardi, Imran said, that yes everybody in this industry might have gone through different kind of struggles. I, myself have gone through the same thing. This journey for me was not very easy. Everything that I have right now is a process through which I have become what I am right now. He also said, “Meine bhi dekhi hai bhook.” He said that almost half of the industry has drunk tea from my hands, “Aadhi se zada industry ne mere hath ki chai pi hui hai, unko meri shakal yaad nahe hai tab tou bas ek larka tha jo chai lata hai.” He also said that this is not something for which I complain, it was part of my struggles back in the days. And now I feel blessed for who I am right now. He also said, “Meine bhi aatay goondhay hain rotiyaan pakayi hain and bhooka bhi raha.

Actors like Imran Ashraf is a gem for the industry, his acting is different and he knows how to move the audience. Not even his acting his writing skills for creating stories [like Tabeer] is noteworthy and laudable!