The astronomers from Toruń have successfully completed the survey of the Milky Way plane. They searched for gas clouds, where there was a maser reinforcement of the OH molecule.

They saw seven new sources each of them brings scientists closer to the process by which massive stars are born. “It is like listening to the buzzing of a mosquito during a loud concert,” said Prof. Anna Bartkiewicz.

At the beginning it is worth noting that the formation of high mass stars is a complex process, less recognized by scientists than the formation of solar type stars.

Dr. Wolak said, “Different types of particles send out radio waves at their own frequencies and this is how we can recognize them.”

“In some time, massive stars will become supernovae, black holes, the nuclei of the next generation of stars, or massive elements which give life as we know it. And we still do not know how such a star is born, we do not know its origins. Of course, there are a lot of theories, but it is difficult to examine them, which is why we use all the tools available to us, and so far, radio telescopes have proved their worth,” explains Dr. Wolak.

This success of the Toruń-based group of astronomers will be described in the prestigious Astronomy and Astrophysics.