Is Asim Azhar and Merub Ali engaged?

Pakistani singer and artist Asim Azhar who rose to fame after his songs and now a heartthrob is reportedly engaged to Merub Ali, a fashion model.

Who is Merub Ali?

Merub Ali is a Pakistani fashion model who has been a part of the industry since 2018 after completing her graduation. She is known for her cute bubbly looks and fashion sense. Merub is quite active on social media where she keeps updating her fans regarding her upcoming projects. Currently, she is associated with many prominent clothing brands.

How old is Merub Ali?

Merub Ali is 25 years old.

According to the recent sources from a local digital media outlet, the news leaked that Asim Azhar and Merub Ali are engaged. Moreover, the duo was seen meeting with each other and hanging out or maybe distant cousins. But now they are reportedly engaged.

Since the couple has denied the rumors, for now, we can still enjoy watching them together jamming on to this beautiful Strings song,

Furthermore, the local outlet announced, “Sources say, Singer #AsimAzhar and Model Meerub Ali got officially engaged in a private ceremony where only very few and close people attended the engagement.

Official confirmation has yet to come from any of the sides. The mothers of Asim and Meerub are close friends.

Asim and Hania’s spat!

Asim Azhar had a social media spat last month when Hania Aamir’s video got viral on social media to which, Asim tweeted a funny post. Even though Asim did not give anyone any hint to what he was pointing at. However, Hania Aamir tweeted a jab at him that caused outrage over Twitter against her.

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Hania and Merub also were friends on social media but now, apparently, Merub unfollowed Hania after Asim’s breakup with her, which confirms the news a little bit.

Moreover, netizens are loving the couple and sending them out with good wishes. If this news is true, congratulations to the happy duo.

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