Pakistani people live for entertainment and drama. Amidst the toxic surrounding and an ongoing pandemic, the only that is left are dramas. Ramadan was a blessing for the industry as well. HUM TV released a sitcom Chupke Chupke with an ensemble cast. The cast included Osman Khalid Butt, Ayeza Khan, Asma Abbas, Uzma Beg, Arslan Naseer, Areesha Sultan, Ali Safina, Mira Sethi, Aadi Khan, Qavi, Farhan Ali Agha, and Tara Mahmood. The sitcom was trending over social media until its last episode!


[No spoilers] It revolves around two families and their grandkids. Nawab house and Nawab Villa. Two families and hearts divided by a thick wall that has caused a sour relation between two wives of the same man, Baray Nawab Sahab [late]. The cousins who are attached to each other somehow get into trouble. This bitter-sweet relation is the main highlight along with giggles makes this storyline unique and interesting.  

The drama lasted till Eid 2021 and on-aired throughout Ramadan, catching attention of almost every Pakistani. The drama instantly went viral and fans went frenzy over the characters cute chemistry. Ali Zafar sang the OST that became everyone’s favourite!

Is there a Chupke Chupke season 2?

Since after its end, fans are praying and expecting a season 2. The cast has been extremely active and connected with fans and followers throughout. And Osman Khalid Butt reveals if Saima Akram Chaudhry’s written masterpiece will get a second season in near future. He replied to a comment on his Instagram. He wrote, “A lot of you are asking whether a second season of Chupke Chupke is in the works,” he said. “As of yet, there’s no news or development on that front.”

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And those who did not like Chupke Chupke…

So, fingers crossed for now. And let’s hope for the best!