Netflix announced the news of season 3 of “YOU,” way back in January. But due to the birth of COVID-19, the shooting situations got difficult for the team.

But the good news is the Season 3 of YOU is officially got back into production in November. And most likely to be released in February 2021! The team announced the news as a COVID-safe update, and a JOE-Goldberg safe update too!

Last time we saw Joe, he had finally met his match as Love Quinn, played by Victoria Pedretti. Or did he? We are not sure!

Joe had been obsessed with Love throughout Season 2, as same as he was obsessed with Beck in Season 1. To his shock he came to know that LOVE is as same as Joe, psychotic and a murderer as well. And also, expecting a child!  The Season 2 finale ended with Love and Joe settling in the suburbs together, getting ready to become parents — and Joe focusing his sights on a new obsession in their next door neighbor.

A bunch of new characters are also joining this season, with the combined habits of murdering people. Joe and Love will definitely be the highlight of the show!