The success of the Korean series in Pakistan

The success of Netflix episodes like Squid Game and Hellbound for the audience spread like wildfire. Korean television series have a stronghold on Pakistani and international audiences. All Of Us Are Dead, a zombie apocalypse K-drama, has now topped Netflix’s streaming rankings in both the United States and worldwide. This indicates that Korean dramas are here to stay.

All of us are Dead series

Squid Game actor Lee Yoo-mi starred in the series All of Us Are Dead, which is set at a high school that becomes the epicenter of a zombie outbreak. Furthermore, despite her supporting role in the program, Yoo-mi played Ji-yeong, a.k.a. Player No. 240, in the blockbuster Korean drama and became a fan favorite with fans.

In a release, Netflix said, “All of Us Are Dead follows the story of a group of students imprisoned in their school amid a zombie outbreak, forced to band together for survival.”

The storyline

‘With thousands of pupils instantaneously poisoned (depicted in the most realistic and heart-racing images), only a few students remain alive on campus,’ it goes on to say.

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The story follows a group of students who are bound together by a desire to survive. As well as betrayal and friendship in the most improbable of ways. Moreover, since the launch of the series’ teaser, fans have been in a frenzy.

“The series is different from the original as far as the specific scenarios that happen to some of the kids as well as what each of the characters are like,” the director said, explaining how the show differs from the webtoon.

Watch the trailer here:

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