People might be wondering, what does Software House mean? A software house is a company that primarily provides software products. These companies may specialize in business or consumer software (either out-of-the-box or single-license software) or software-as-a-service (SaaS) products. But what if we tell you that there is one software house that has gone beyond with forgery and gathered quite a few eyes over them including the FIA, unfortunately, that software house is Digitonics Labs! And what the wife of Burhan Mirza, Digitonics has to say for her employees

FIR Against Digitonics

The FIR has been registered on behalf of the State at the Cyber Crime Reporting Center, blames the organization for falsification, money laundering, cheating, and various different crimes.

It is registered under the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2016:

  • Section 13 electronic forgery
  • Section 14 electronic fraud
  • Section 16 unauthorized use of identity information
  • Section 20 offenses against the dignity of a natural person
  • Section 26 spoofing as well as the Pakistan Penal Code:
  • Section 34 common intention  
  • Section 109 abetment
  • Section 419 cheating by personation
  • Section 420 cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property
  • Section 468 forgery for the purpose of cheating
  • Section 471 using as genuine a forged document
  • Section 500 defamation and sections 3 and 4 of the Anti-Money Laundering Act.

The FIR says the crimes were committed between 2015 and 2021. The inquiry has been registered based on a source report on worldwide con artists operating in Pakistan that the FIA received from the Islamabad Cyber Crime Wing. The report identified scams operating throughout the country, including harassment, fraudulent activities, identity impersonation, cheating, phishing, and extortion.

Digitonics FIR
Digitonics FIR
Digitonics FIR

“It revealed the scammers have different websites offering various services which include app designs, web developing, etc. These websites are reported to blackmail and extort money from their customers after gaining their personal information by impersonating themselves as government officials of the US, UK, and UAE,” the report stated. The scammers guided clients to document brand names and store unfamiliar trade to enroll the brand names, as per the FIR, which noticed that the organization charged at least $100 to start the cycle. The scammers also impersonate government authorities and threaten clients to get their brand names enrolled or, in all trademarks they will confront a claim and have their organization/company closed down.

It also accused the company of forcefully shutting down customers’ websites and then charging hefty amounts for their restoration. “The impact of these scams is not only contributing to increase in the crime rate but will damage the reputation of Pakistan internationally.” After that the wife of Burhan Mirza connected to the employees of Digitonics.

Mrs. Burhan Trying To Be “Too Politically Correct”

The Wife of Burhan Mirza, CEO Digitonics also console the employees that how this has been a disaster for every one of them, and explaining how confused Burhan’s employees must be regarding the whole situation, she shows her concern and asked them to be calmed in this tough time. She also said that she won’t be saying that this is a time that they should not worry, this is the actual time where we all should worry, but we must not lose hope.

She further said that they are in close contact with the people who are arrested including Burhan who is under FIA’s custody, and also said how difficult it is to deal with the system as they can forge anything against us right now. She asked all her employees to pray so they will come out clean. According to the current development in the case the Owner Junaid Mansoor, CEO Burhan Mirza, business unit head Umair Siddique and others have been implicated.

How did it start for Digitonics?

The activity against the software house was started after investigation agencies from foreign nations filed an objection to the Pakistan government that the organization’s sites were coercing and plundering their citizens, said an FIA source, mentioning anonymity. He didn’t, however, uncover the names of the states. In the FIR, the FIA quoted that it was found that eight highly dubious sites were found in the wake of looking at pieces of evidence found from the Software House’s headquarters. These sites include,,,,,,,

The team of FIA visited the Digitonics Labs office on the 11th January 2020 and examined the server room, systems, and data. Incriminating material like credit card information of international clients, including security codes and forged certificates from the US Patent and Trademark Office has been seized. According to a few sources, current Digitonics employees and ex-employees of another IT company, where a similar kind of raid conducted by FIA in the past, were absent the day Digitonics Labs was raided. During the raid, the FIA team sealed the entry and exit points of the building. The raid conducted in the office for over 12 hours where the FIA team interrogated the staffers and recorded the statements of eight people. 


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