The king of copying content, Bollywood!

When it comes to blatantly stealing content, Bollywood frequently draws inspiration from Pakistan. Artists have copied many times and it has served as an “inspiration” for the Indian film industry.

Raksha Bandhan vs Load Wedding

This time, though, it is Akshay Kumar’s most recent film, Raksha Bandhan, that has captured the audience’s interest. Bhumi Pednekar plays Akshay’s childhood sweetheart in the movie. The trailer also indicates that the two are eager to wed, but sadly, because Akshay’s four sisters are still single, their wedding keeps getting postponed. Raksha Bandhan, which was directed by Anand L. Rai and is set in a small hamlet, examines the relationship between siblings while also incorporating some humour.

Watch the trailer:

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The chronicles of copying content of Lollywood

The storyline seemed eerily similar to Nabeel Qureshi and Fizza Ali Meerza’s 2018 offering, Load Wedding and was pointed out by social media users.

One user pointed,

Another user tweets,

To which Nabeel Qureshi responded, “Load Wedding Pro Max?” He then quipped, “Ya Load Wedding dikhana bhai – thora aur expensive main.”

The same storyline

The 2018 social drama by Nabeel Qureshi, Load Wedding was a new dramedy with an engaging plot. Raja is a straightforward young guy who wishes to wed Meeru, the girl he first fell in love with. Furthermore, Raja’s mother, who is portrayed by Samina Ahmed, however, displays a red card to indicate that Raja cannot be married until his sister Baby Baji does. Raja’s family also cannot afford many dowries because of Raja’s dire financial circumstances, and Baby Baji is overweight. The idea that he would wish to get married before his sister, however, scandalises his mother.

Watch the trailer here:

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Breaking the wall of societal stigmas!

Both the movies share similar issues regarding dowry, fat shaming and wedding. Moreover, the moustache too with a neat appearance and a neatly-trimmed moustache, Akshay appears to be nailing the criterion for the worried brother, exactly like Fahad!

Besides, on the Raksha Bandha vs Load wedding front, currently, Nabeel Qureshi is waiting for the release of his upcoming movie Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad!

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