Mahira Khan winning hearts and awards!

Mahira Khan wins Best Actress for her short film Prince Charming at the Indus Valley International Film Festival in New Delhi, India.

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According to reports, Sheheryar Munawar made his directorial debut with this 12-minute film last year. Which also featured Zahid Ahmed and Mahira together for the first time.

An ode to combating depression

The Legend of Maula Jatt star said in a statement to the press, “This award is dedicated to all the women who are suffering silently from post-marital depression.”

Additionally, she said, “Such topics are considered taboo in our society, but here we are.”

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“I’m glad this role touched the hearts of the audience; it’s one of the roles that will live on in my heart forever,” Mahira added.

Finally, the actress thanked her friend Sheheryar for “having faith” in her.

Prince Charming storyline

Prince Charming reflects on post-marital depression in modern times for the uninitiated. The 11-minute short film, which tackles a very sensitive subject with reason, sets new precedents for locally produced short films. Furthermore,

Sheherzad (Mahira) is portrayed as a dutiful wife to Akbar (Zahid), a workaholic, and a devoted mother to her daughter, ironically named Wafa. Sheherzad was promised a ‘Prince Charming.’ However, she is still yearning for the love she was promised and attempting to satisfy her compassion needs.

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Beginning in the early morning, the short film depicts her life as she divides her time between her husband, her daughter, and her mysterious lover. Furthermore, the short film is devoid of dialogue, and Mahira expresses her emotions solely through her hauntingly beautiful expressions and empty gazes. By far, this is one of the actress’s best performances to date because she speaks through her eyes.

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