Mahira Khan shines in the teaser of Ek Hai Nigar

Major General Nigar Johar made history last year when she became the first female officer to be elevated to the rank of lieutenant general, owing to her outstanding leadership and administrative abilities.

Major Nigar Johar

Ek Hai Nigar

But now, a television series is celebrating her accomplishments is in the works, with Mahira Khan in the main role. Mahira is shown repeating the words of Lt Gen Nigar, who aspires to satisfy all of the expectations of those who have trusted her to lead them. So that her performance can open the way for more women in leadership roles.

The teaser displays Mahira Khan’s patriotism

The teaser quotes Mahira saying, “Mein chahati hun fauj ne jo mujhpe aitimaad kiya haina, mein usper pura utrun. Taakay ye rasta, ye khirki, ye darwaza, jo auratoun keliye khula hai, wo khula hi rahay.”

(I don’t want to disappoint our soldiers, who have placed a lot of trust in me. So that this door, which has opened for women, remains open).

The Superstar actress has also mastered Lt Gen Nigar’s appearance, accent, and body language to a large extent. However only time will tell if she will be able to capture the part completely.

The Hum Kahan Kay Sacchay Thay fellow actor Actor Kubra Khan, on the other hand, has full trust in the star. “I know this will be amazing, my girl,” she tweeted alongside the latest teaser.

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The Lieutenant General’s struggle and achievements will be the focus of Ek Hai Nigar. Mahira is overjoyed to have landed the part. Furthermore, the Raees actress had already revealed the news on her social media platforms. She quoted that she is honored to be able to play a lady she reveres so much. The woman is Pakistan Army’s, first female three-star General. Mahira said on Instagram alongside the first trailer for the drama serial.

Lieutenant General Nigar Johar’s life and career are chronicled in Ek Hai Nigar. “What a life, what a tale… to know her is to know one of the best we have among us,” she continued.

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