But how can you make your winter safer in quarantine and lockdown? Let’s have a look at what you can do this winter.

– Anytime you are inviting someone, you are increasing the risk of contracting the virus, so avoid all social gatherings for a brief time, and that includes your relatives and friends as well.

– As Coronavirus can be conducive in cooler and drier weather, do get yourself vaccinated for other illnesses, which includes common flu (influenza), sinus infections and chest infections.

– Go out for groceries and make sure to wear your mask and gloves all the time and sanitize your hands regularly. Maintain physical distance at all costs. Stock up your necessities, but don’t be a hoarder. Although it is safer at home, it is still allowed to get outside for fresh air, make sure to keep your distance from others as a group.

– Keep yourself active with different exercises including Yoga, as it will strengthen your mind and soul and keep you fresh at home.

– Watch your favourite movies, play indoor card and board games, cook your favourite meals, have plenty of sleep and enjoy life as it is meant to be.

The pandemic can be exhausting. At times it can feel depressing too. But if you make healthier choices for your family now, you will be able to get through in mentally and physically.